Armani Boxers

The name “Armani” brings to mind fashionable and upscale styles for both men and women. The line of men’s underwear by Emporio Armani runs at a reasonable price for the quality, with frequent sales and bargains depending on the seller. The line provides all of the standard styles to cater to any preference — boxers, boxer briefs, trunks, and briefs. They are designed for comfort and the ability to be worn while playing sports, or for sitting for long hours at the office. Made from natural cotton, stretch cotton and even natural bamboo fibers, they absorb sweat and allow for the skin to breathe.

Keep the sweat from your favorite dress shirts by wearing the V-neck undershirts, which are made from the same soft, breathable stretch cotton as the underwear. The undershirts form to your body and the “V” neckline won’t show above the collar of your over shirt. There are also the stretch cotton fitted T-shirts designed with a standard crew neck, which would be ideal to wear underneath your sweater for added comfort, or by themselves to the gym. Stretch cotton tank tops with wider shoulder straps are available, as well as tanks with a thinner strap. Emporio Armani covers all of the bases with their underwear and undershirt styles.

The wide, yet comfortable microfiber waistbands are made to withstand many wearings and washings, without being stiff or obvious under your clothing. The Armani logo and name are stitched onto the front of the waistband without interfering with the stretch or comfort of the underwear. Colors of the different styles are mainly the standard black, dark blue gray and white, with brighter colors such as fuchsia for someone who wants a little variety. Patterns such as stripes and the Armani logo printed on the side of the underwear also break up the uniformity of the solid, popular colors.

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