Evolve Underwear for Men

2Xist has outdone themselves with their Evolve line of underwear for men. Traditionally a producer of high-end underwear, 2Xist has come up with a way to expand the high quality of their underwear to those who can’t afford their higher priced lines.

If you are aware of the various brands of underwear available to men today, you’ll know that 2Xist offers a wide range of styles; everything from sculpted briefs to net style g-strings; and in enough colors to satisfy even the most fashion conscious male. They are considered to be one of the top underwear lines for men, and with good reason considering the styles and colors available to choose from.

Evolve underwear for men is a Target-exclusive line of underwear designed for men who shop at both the physical Target stores and the online stores and is priced to be affordable. But while many people are used to trading some level of quality for price, with the evolve underwear you don’t have to give up one for the other.

At the Target stores the Evolve line of underwear is considerably less expensive than the 2Xist brand sold at the more upscale stores. 2Xist underwear retails (on average) at about $14 per pair, whereas the price for a two-pack of Evolve briefs from target costs just $12.99. When it comes to quality, Evolve is just as well made as its more expensive 2Xist brothers, though they do not come in as many nifty styles or as wide a range of colors.

While the only styles of Evolve underwear are either the briefs or the trunks, both are extremely well made from 55% cotton, 37% modal and 8% spandex. This gives both the trunks and the boxers a comfortable fit and feel that keeps moisture away from your body without sacrificing style. The spandex gives both styles of underwear a flexibility that makes them ideal for wearing under any kind of style clothing and can go from workouts to the workplace with absolutely no problem and the stitching is tight and doesn’t fray easily even after you’ve washed them multiple times.

Did I mention that they have a flat tag? Yes indeed, Evolve has figured out the secret behind comfortable underwear – that of not having ‘flag tags’ on the inside where they can irritate the skin. These tags are sewn in flat so that you don’t really feel them at all. One more word about the briefs particularly is that they cover your backside without bagging. This is the mark of an extremely well made pair of underwear, and by purchasing Evolve underwear for men you can toss out your bagging white briefs and make room for some comfortable, good looking skivvies that even your wife or girlfriend won’t be able to fault.