Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Underwear: Style in Briefs

Polo Ralph Lauren releases underwear designs that are clean cut and understated. The simplicity of the lines and seams is not a weakness of the design but showcases the sturdiness of the support system of typical Ralph Lauren underwear.

Mens Designs Available

The classics are always in demand. So you get to choose from Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Cotton Brief in threes and Polo Ralph Lauren classic tees. Cotton v-neck, crew t-shirts, ribbed tanks in black and white are great additions to the male wardrobe if you have the grab-and-go attitude in dressing. Polo Ralph Lauren shirts can be worn on its own or under your clothes without even thinking too hard whether it looks okay or not. Even when paired with your most rugged jeans and your most ordinary pajamas, Polo Ralph Lauren shirts have this effortless style that anyone can pull off. So grab, not only one but also those in threes so that you’ll be fine every week without fussing what you’ll wear next.

Ralph Lauren boxers for men scream masculinity. They are not your average design. Polo Player boxers, Polo Ralph Lauren Woven boxers, Knit boxers, Polo Player Boxer Briefs are available whether you prefer in single, 2- or 3-pack. Colors are mostly in eye-friendly shades like blue, black, gray, and white.

Colorful Underwear

However, if you prefer a pops of color in your undies, you can also avail of Polo Ralph Lauren Vintage Crew Shirt in red. Polo Ralph Lauren Men Luxury boxers come in twos and are in red plaid and print. Polo Ralph Lauren Bottonfly boxers have the logo and number 3 imprinted on it. Plaid and woven boxers come in other colors you might find appealing such as red, peach, greens, and deeper hues of blue.

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