Tommy Hilfiger Boxers

Tommy Hilfiger men’s underwear is one of the products produced by Thomas Jacob (Tommy) Hilfiger. This American-born fashion designer has a reputation for producing some of the best-styled men’s casual clothing available today. From jeans and fragrances to upscale clothes and awesome fitting underwear, Tommy Hilfiger makes for some great-fitting (and feeling) clothing. While Tommy Hilfiger boxers are only one of the underwear styles put out by Tommy Hilfiger, they are some of the best boxers you will find anywhere.

Tommy Hilfiger Boxers
Tommy’s boxers come in a variety of styles, patterns and colors. From the traditional loose fitting cotton boxers to the tighter-fitting (and eye-catching) boxer briefs, Tommy Hilfiger boxers are not only great looking, they are great fitting. While the traditional loose fitting boxers are extremely comfortable, the tighter boxer briefs are a great alternative to traditional briefs, especially under suits and more professional clothing as you cannot see the brief lines through the finer material of the thinner and smoother pants.

Tommy Hilfiger boxers are made from only the best materials such as premium cotton and have reinforced seams and edges so that they won’t come unraveled at inopportune times. The reinforced inside seams and smooth-edged waist bands mean that you won’t be irritated by rough material and can truly enjoy the comfort of great fitting Tommy Hilfiger boxers.

About Men’s Boxers
Did you know that the first men’s underwear was the loincloth? That’s right, just a piece of cloth strategically wrapped around the important bits, the loincloth is the earliest entry in the 7,000 year history of men’s underwear. Braies came next. These were loose, trouser-like underpants popular during the middle ages. Eventually these were made more functional with an addition called the codspiece that allowed men to answer nature’s call without having to undo all their layers of clothing.

By the Victorian time-frame the loose-fitting underpants of the Middle Ages gave way to tight, knee-length flannel drawers that were worn even during the summer. It wasn’t until 1925 when a boxing coach began adapting boxing shorts for better flexibility that what we know of as boxers were even invented. But they weren’t an immediate success, though it wasn’t long until this new adaptation began to catch on as underwear for the general public.

The boxer’s true popularity, however, didn’t emerge until after WWII. It was then that they really began to catch on. The primary reason that most men didn’t wear boxers up until that point, even though they were a viable alternative to traditional underwear, was because they did not offer the support of traditional underwear.

Today, however, boxers are the men’s underwear of choice, and if you are truly interested in the most comfortable and best looking boxers available; boxers that will look good even under suit pants, you may very well want to look into purchasing Tommy Hilfiger boxers.